Confronted with critical operational disruptions due to load shedding, our client, a dynamic architectural firm, sought our expertise to restore their productivity. Losing around 4-6 hours of valuable work time daily, they faced not only significant revenue losses but also the burden of excessive overtime to adhere to their project timelines. Their operation, reliant on […]
ACA Office - Langebaan
Engaging with a client who not only has a wealth of electrical expertise but also a clear vision for their energy needs was both an honor and a challenge. As a retired electrician, our client knew exactly what they wanted—a state-of-the-art system that could deliver unwavering reliability and efficiency. Their 5-star review stands as a […]
Jonker - Langebaan
For our latest endeavor, we partnered with a client who already demonstrated commendable energy management practices. The goal was not just to address the inconvenience of load shedding but to elevate their energy independence to new heights. Armed with a substantial battery capacity and an expansive solar array, we meticulously designed a system that promises […]
Jordaan - Langebaan
Embarking on a new journey with our latest client, the mission was crystal clear: to conquer the persistent challenge of load shedding and to significantly slash their grid power dependency. By leveraging the advanced capabilities of Victron technology, we've designed a system poised to revolutionize their energy landscape, setting the stage for substantial efficiency gains […]
Stableford - Langebaan
Upon receiving a commendable referral from a satisfied neighbor, our client entrusted us with a significant challenge: to conquer load shedding woes and usher in substantial energy savings. Opting for quality over cost, they chose our premium services despite our quote being the highest. Embracing this trust, we embarked on a meticulously phased project, utilizing […]
Du Preez - Yzerfontein
Customer approached us to help resolve loadshedding in a business that lost about 4-6 hours of production per day during normal business hours, resulting in severe loss of revenue and severe overtime in order to keep commitments. They have a few commercial printers, power stations for the graphics teams and a few other smaller electrical […]
Copy & Paste Langebaan
This project was completed over 7 phases, once again showing the incredible modularity of the Victron product range. The customer started with a 5kVA Inverter and 5kWh battery backup system, which expanded to a 10kVA inverter and 20kWh battery backup with 26 panels (11kWp) of PV power. We also have a EV charger installed, and […]
Green - Langebaan
Customer requirement was to be able to run Home-Office without interruptions. With Stage 6 loadshedding the customer was sacrificing family time in order to get work done, as they had to get up all ours of the day when grid power was available, sometimes sleeping 2 hours at a time to be ready when power […]
OxyDev - Vredenburg
Customer familiar with the quality of Victron approached us for an installation on a holiday home in Britannia Bay. This house was to become the new primary residence over time. We proposed a phased approach (there was construction to come) in order to facilitate all current needs and available roof space, and then to add […]
Stevenson - St Helena
In this stylish holiday home with exceptional view the customer required a reliable backup system, and most importantly: something he can expand on in future. The requirement was on a strict timeline and since customer is in import/export business, he was able to supply the batteries. Components: Victron MultiPlus-II 48/3000/32 Inverter; Victron GerboGX + Touch50; […]
Strydom - Langebaan
A retired couple approached us to: Eliminate load shedding and  save some on electric bill; With an 5kVA inverter, 5kWh lithium ion battery and a few panels we accomplished just that. As further benefit, we installed a small LED light to give them an indication when it is load shedding (the system had to be […]
Watermeyer - Langebaan
The first request was to "power a lift so grandkids do not get stuck", we advised them to get a 5kW so we can power lift, lights and all the plugs. On the second phase we added PV panels, but we added so many the battery was full before 9am!! Over the 3rd and 4th […]
Botha - Langebaan
Customer has 2 businesses from home, so being without power is a massive problem. We recommended a phased approach with a battery backup and option to add PV at a later stage. Being a modular Victron solution, we also have option to expand on output capacity and backup capacity. Components: Victron MultiPlus-II 48/3000/35 Inverter Solar […]
Anderson - Langebaan
Customer required to eliminate load shedding and reduce grid consumption. Phase one was a 3kVA inverter, 3.5kWh backup and a 15kWh/day PV Generator. We achieved 50% grid consumption In phase 2 we expanded the backup with another 3.5kWh, reducing the grid consumption with an additional 10-15% an doubling the backup duration during load-shedding. Components: Victron […]
Tarky - Langebaan
Customer's requirement is to eliminate load-shedding, with option to upgrade to PV later. Components: Victron MultiPlus-II 48/3000/35 Cerbo GX + Touch Pylontech 3.5kWh battery Notes: ESS enabled with 'Keep batteries charged'
Ungerer - Langebaan
Completeley off-grid, the customer (and their tenants) is reliant on the system for all their power needs. Living on a small holdings, they run the household and 2 small flats for tenants. Components: Victron MultiPlus-II 48/5000/70 Inverter/Charger Solar MD 7.4kWh Wall-Mount Battery with logger V2 Solar MD 7.4 Rack battery Victron SmartSolar 150/35 MPPT 6x […]
Mckay - Hopefield
Customer is running the system off-grid by manually disconnecting the AC Input. All loads is on output of the inverter, using AC-Out1 for essentials, and AC-Out2 for non-essential. Components: Victron MultiPlusII 48/5000/70 Inverter/Charger Victron SmartSolar 150/35 MPPT Solar MD 3.7kWh Lithium battery + Logger V2 Solar MD 7.4kWh Lithium battery 6x 405W Canadian Solar HiKu  […]
Schonken - Langebaan
Customer's requirement was to be mostly grid independent. We connected all loads on backup of inverter (including geyser and oven), but heavy loads like the geyser and oven is managed by customer. The customer manually disconnect the AC input and only connect when absolutely requires grid power. We recently upgraded the system by adding an […]
Barnes - Shelly Point Estate
Customer wanted to eliminate load shedding, not only for him but also for his tenants. As addition functionality we enabled an automatic protection on certain plug to be disconnected should the battery reach 80% during power outage. Components: Victron MultiPlus-II 48/5000/70 Fromius Primo 5kVA Freedom Won 10/8 Cerbo + Touch Lynx Distributor Notes: ESS active […]
Liesching - Langebaan
Components: MultiPlus-II 48/3000/35-32 SmartSolar MPPT 150/35 4kWh BlueNova CCGX 6x CS3U-365P-MC4 Notes: AC-Out1 + AC-Out2 in use, to disconnect AC-Out2 on 30% SOC with Generator Assistant; ESS in 20% with BatteryLife;
Johansson - Langebaan
Customer's requirement was to have as close too to zero grid consumption with load shedding eliminated. Components: MPII 5kVA SmartSolar 250/100 Cerbo GX with Touch Lynx Distributor 12x 540W JA Solar (4 sets of 3) FreedomWon 10/8 Notes: ESS Assistant loaded AC-Out1 + AC-Out2 in use Gen-Start-Stop Assistant loaded - to open relay on SoC […]
Fourie - Langebaan
Customer required to eliminate load-shedding and reduce grid consumption. Due to low consumption, a well-balanced system en extreme efficiencies from the Victron solution, we got the gid supply down ot 6% over the last 12 months (Nov22 to Oct23) Components: Notes:
Loubser - Langebaan

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