Watermeyer - Langebaan

Watermeyer - Langebaan

A retired couple approached us to:

  • Eliminate load shedding and 
  • save some on electric bill;

With an 5kVA inverter, 5kWh lithium ion battery and a few panels we accomplished just that.

As further benefit, we installed a small LED light to give them an indication when it is load shedding (the system had to be installed in a building separate from the main house)


  • Victron MultiPlus-II 48/5000/70-32 Inverter;
  • Victron SmartSolar 150/45 MPPT;
  • Victron CerboGX + Touch50;
  • FreedomWon 5/4 Lithium Battery;
  • 6x 410W Canadian Solar PV modules;


  • ESS enabled with BatteryLife;
  • 12V Aux Relay on the MP-II used to power a small LED light to indicate load shedding ;


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