Green - Langebaan

Green - Langebaan

This project was completed over 7 phases, once again showing the incredible modularity of the Victron product range. The customer started with a 5kVA Inverter and 5kWh battery backup system, which expanded to a 10kVA inverter and 20kWh battery backup with 26 panels (11kWp) of PV power. We also have a EV charger installed, and due to have a 3ph grid supply, we installed it so that he has the option to either fast-charge (up to 22kW) on 3 phase power, or a regular charge (8kW) on single phase power. The Victron EV charger also has the option to use ESS and only charge with access PV power once batteries are full and loads are supplied.

  • 2x MultiPlusII 48/5000/70
  • 2x FreedomWon 10/8
  • 1x Fronius 8.2kW with 11x 415W JA on East (MPPT2) and 11x405W Canadian Solar on West (MPPT1)
  • 1x SmartSolar MPPT 150/35 with 4x 530W JA Solar (East)
  • Cerbo GX with GX Touch
  • Lynx Power In
  • ET340


  • ESS activated - currenlty DoD on 20%
  • Programmable relay - We are using the aux contactor (continuity relay with 230V from Grid) on MPII (Master unit) to open and close on high (99%) and low (70%) of battery SoC. The signal is used on AC contactors with delay timers to move additional loads from L2 and L3 to L1 (on Grid Side of inverter). This allows us to use additional PV on heavy loads of the underfloor heating.
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