Graham Priest

Bay Solar came highly recommended for our planned Victron installation. From the first contact we made with them their response was quick, polite and very professional, even during the Christmas break. The quoting and site visit process was accurate and according to our needs. We were encouraged not to install too much and rather add later if required, instead of wasting money. The quote we received was very detailed and Schalk takes the trouble to explain each portion of it. Bay Solar make excellent use of Whatsapp to ensure everyone involved is kept up to speed during each step. Often replies to questions came after hours – there’s a real effort to keep the customer happy and informed. The installation began before the agreed start date which is a refreshing change. The teams on site were superb and one can easily see there’s real pride in what they do. At all times respect for the client’s home and the teams’ safety was very evident. The follow up visit by Schalk and Serisa is great with Serisa ensuring the best labelling of a DB I’ve ever seen and Schalk’s walk through the systems is very beneficial even if you’re used to Victron. The final visit by Izak is also noteworthy – ensuring even the last little pencil mark used during the installation disappears. People often say that on the West Coast contractors aren’t the best and are rather laid back. I’d say the big city contractors can learn a lot from Bay Solar! And yes, we're extremely happy with the system's performance.
Graham Priest

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