This project was completed over 7 phases, once again showing the incredible modularity of the Victron product range. The customer started with a 5kVA Inverter and 5kWh battery backup system, which expanded to a 10kVA inverter and 20kWh battery backup with 26 panels (11kWp) of PV power. We also have a EV charger installed, and due to have a 3ph grid supply, we installed it so that he has the option to either fast-charge (up to 22kW) on 3 phase power, or a regular charge (8kW) on single phase power. The Victron EV charger also has the option to use ESS and only charge with access PV power once batteries are full and loads are supplied.


Customer familiar with the quality of Victron approached us for an installation on a holiday home in Britannia Bay. This house was to become the new primary residence over time. We proposed a phased approach (there was construction to come) in order to facilitate all current needs and available roof space, and then to add more PV and battery later as construction conclude and needs require it.

One big requirement was to charge the Volvo XC40 Recharge with solar power.



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